New Faux Painting Ideas for 2013

Faux Painting Ideas for 2013

One of the best things about faux painting is the almost unlimited number of ideas that are able to be created.  As decorating styles and colors change so do faux painting techniques. Several new techniques that are becoming popular take old ideas and give them a twist.

New Decorative Painting Ideas

Horizontal stripes and new colors take front stage. Horizontal stripes in graduating colors can make a bold statement. Add a light ditsressing and pearlesant wash to it and you have a fabulous look that turns heads, no matter what room its in.

New colors are delicious and in shades of  lime, lavender, mocha and cinnamon. These new colors can be used:

  • with Venetian plasters for a slick slightly textured look
  • with metallic suede for a rich warm feel
  • in a mixed texture/ colorwash for a brilliant way to liven up a large wall surface

Don’t let color scare you, there are many ways to infuse the life and excitement that color can bring without overwhelming the space.  Add a richly textured accent wall or paint the ceiling a color. Use color washes to infuse the room with richer color while maintaining a sense of light. Paint a piece of furniture or add a colorful floorcloth  to build on the fresh color theme.

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